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I Will Not Bow Ceramic Mug

I Will Not Bow Ceramic Mug

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Nothing like starting your day enjoying your favorite beverage with the right mentality of I-WIll-Not-Bow to this world, but only King Jesus! Warm up with a nice cup of your favorite beverage out of this ceramic 11-ounce coffee mug: the perfect gift for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate lovers.

Design inspiration: It is no secret of what satan and his kingdom of darkness has planned for all who are on this earth, especially children, for he is revealing himself through many wicked people; however, the light of this world has come to purchase our salvation with His very life. While the world continues to demand in various ways for us to bow down to the little god of this world, as for me, I will not bow and forfeit my soul for all eternity. 


*Unique to this mug, it does best with liquids that are NOT watered down, or have been modified to soften the original, true flavor. Enjoy!

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


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